Dating again after 50

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Dating again after 50

Dating is still about getting to know someone, taking the time to see if you connect spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and physically. From early on, be intentional about showing real interest in the other person and getting to know one another as transparently as possible.Most of that age-old advice is as pertinent as ever: Be yourself, smile, keep an open mind, and be honest.

Judith Sills is a clinical psychologist in Philadelphia.The last 30-something years of your life have been filled with working, caring for a family and maintaining home.For the first time since you stepped into your future, you are alone. This is a time for you to get to know yourself all over again.The payoff for exercise is so great in every category.It’s a wonderful way to prepare for dating because it makes you look and feel good, makes you healthier when you do find a partner, and gives you motivation to last to extreme old age. One of the most encouraging findings of the last few years is that just 20 or 30 minutes of exercise a day contributes to a significant degree of fitness.

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If you’re neither of these things, don’t have to give up and think it’s too late to get there.